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We offer weekly Prenatal classes every Tuesday at 7.15pm guided by the lovely Sophia.
Sophia is highly experienced and has a beautiful nurturing nature to guide you through this special time of connecting you with your changing body and baby.

​You are welcome to join our prenatal classes at any stage of your pregnancy. 
Prenatal Yoga can:

  • Cultivate mindful movement and sense of calm

  • Develop breath awareness and breathing techniques

  • Support you to relax and bond with baby

  • Strengthen your body in preparation for birth

  • Deepen your body-mind connection for birth outcomes

​We look forward to practicing with you at La Yoga!

It is important to speak with your doctor and obtain clearance for prenatal yoga practice. If you are in the first trimester and/or are experiencing contraindications, please advise our prenatal yoga teacher prior to attending a prenatal yoga class. You can contact us by emailing:

Renee P

I am so glad I found the prenatal yoga classes with Sophia. I’m a first time mum so felt really lost with how to safely exercise when I found out I was pregnant. Sophia’s class offers great modifications while still getting a good workout. She is friendly, approachable and always accommodating to any issues we might be having. I also really enjoy the little community of pregnant women I’ve met through this class. I highly recommend to any mums!
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